As for whether I'm going to be updating the rest of my books, the answer unfortunately is no. I thought I would have been able to continue updating since everything slowed down a bit with Covid but at this point in time of my life, I am too busy to continue updating. I hope you all understand and I'm really sorry to everyone who have been waiting on updates :( I won't say I'll never update because never say never, but for now I don't think I will be. I also wrote those stories so long ago that I've lost the drive for them.


@Fairytopia08 Literally haven't been on here for years and was literally thinking about your book the other day! Hoped on to see this but i hope your well x


@Fairytopia08 I've been waiting here for literally years, there's no harm on waiting for a couple more. I don't know if there are still people I've read with before while the first book was still being updated alive here and waiting. But, I hope they still are. Plus, no pressure. Just update when you feel like doing it.


I understand times like these are so hard especially for us artists, writers, musicians. It’s been so hard for me and my team to maintain our own business through all of this Covid mess. Don’t give up you have a very creative imagination and I’m sure it wouldn’t take you much effort when the time is right for you to jump back in and give us the best ending to your amazingly written stories. Life takes us in many journeys and I hope you find the best one for you! We all appreciate how much time and dedication you have into this. 


Please update or atleast drop some word for next udpdate tis neverwnding wait is torturous . Plz replyplzzzzzzzzz..... 


Please update demons love...i have been waiting for so long 


Please update a demon's love.... I need to know how it ends


I love your booooksssss. Can’t wait for the new update  hope you are safe. 


i love ur stories pls update


I hope your ok but please update demon love when you can 


@Fairytopia08 . I have been dying to read the next chapter of a demon's love for more than half a year now. I don't know when you are planning to update next but please do this little favor and update it for me. Please. Please please


Hey, will you be updating His hunters mate? I would really like to read how it ends please!!!


Pls update demon king story