As for whether I'm going to be updating the rest of my books, the answer unfortunately is no. I thought I would have been able to continue updating since everything slowed down a bit with Covid but at this point in time of my life, I am too busy to continue updating. I hope you all understand and I'm really sorry to everyone who have been waiting on updates :( I won't say I'll never update because never say never, but for now I don't think I will be. I also wrote those stories so long ago that I've lost the drive for them.


Hi, I hope you're doing well, also I hope you done your stories 'cause you're a talent girl. Anyways take care of yourself and be happy 
          	  All of you people be happy:)


@Fairytopia08 Literally haven't been on here for years and was literally thinking about your book the other day! Hoped on to see this but i hope your well x


@Fairytopia08 I've been waiting here for literally years, there's no harm on waiting for a couple more. I don't know if there are still people I've read with before while the first book was still being updated alive here and waiting. But, I hope they still are. Plus, no pressure. Just update when you feel like doing it.


Please complete demon king 2


Wait was the end of the book not completed cause I wanna read the first part but I wanted to know if it’s completed and a HEA


2 years ago she said she wasn’t going to continue updating, I doubt that she’ll come back at this point