<<<<<<- That and ^^^^^^ that is me. I am not a fake. Just sayin'

My name is Tyler Crosse.
I have 19 years of life under my belt (which is funny cuz I don't wear one >.<)

@XXSilentDarkness He is awesomeness personified <3

@Jakey_Says_Rawr <3 please be okay... :'/

@EmberRage She's my bestie <3

@XFallingIntoDarkness best friend <3

@shayfrazz She is my pet kitty!! <3

I am gay.
I love Deathcore <3
I'm Mute
I love Superman and Batman :3
People usually don't understand me.
I get judged a lot because of the way I look and act but IDC and they can all STFU!
I don't like posers.

I hate parents that abuse their kids >:(
I don't like bullies; I was bullied a lot in school.
I may not look like it but I LOVE to read!
My music is my life, love, and EVERYTHING <3
I've been broken by past relationships but I'll admit I've done my share of breaking others too :/
Two wrongs definitely don't make a right </3

I LOVE NUTELLA!!!!!!!!!!!! <33
I loves kitties (including Hello Kitty) <3
Some music is just stupid and some shouldn't even be allowed to be called music...
I get called emo a lot, If that's what you wanna call me that's your prerogative... But I'll tell you I'm just ME

uuuhhhhhhhh........... O.o

My top two favourite bands are Blood On The Dance Floor and Paramore >.<
I am in love with Dahvie Vanity (he's sooooo hottt!!!)
I'm a huge flirt :3
I love to call people babe and hun, if you don't like it then just don't talk to me. That's just who I am.
I have fallen in love with people that don't love me back. I think that's the worst pain.
Speaking of pain.....
I'm a cutter and I burn.

I love hugs :3
I've experienced way too much death in my life and I really just don't like it :/
I love making friends and talking to people and even listening to people so PM me if you'd like.
I won't do chat though, just PM :)
I think I'm done writing about me and stuff cuz I'm probably boring the hell out of y'all...
Oh yeah I tend to cuss just a bit ;)
Kay I'm done :3
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I'm baaaaack everyone!!!!! :D
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