I'm literally such a fooking mess I'm so sorry-
I want to bite Louis's ass. A smol nibble
Harry's comedy is sleptttt onnnn
So is Liam's
Zayn is so fucking pretty like wtf was the man carved out of heavenly marble or summat?
Niall. Twitter Niall is scary, but like square up my Irish prince.
Oooh yuh get it I guess😃
Yes, I am a giant ball of chaos, you got a problem with it and I will stick a thorny dildo up your ass.
I'm just kidding I love everyone
I'm also in love with 4 Aussie idiots. I'm really just in love with grown men who are lowkey slow, 100% beautiful, ALL LEFT SCHOOL AT AN EARLY AGE, but they saved me so.
Or mAyBe, jUsT mAyBe, iTs MeNtAl iLlNeSs InNiT?
And yes I suffer from bi panic but I'm unlabeled. Bitches just be so pretty *dreamy sigh*
Is that enough information or is it just stunning that someone could be so all over the place?
Ok byyyeee
  • Harry’s right dimple and Louis’s left collarbone
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