Hello, children of the universe. I have come from a galaxy far far away to write you children novels. Quite questionable novels, such that may be deleted and slowly published and quite cliche and may possibly be amazing. But never fear there will always be away, my multi-universal mind will produce such an outrageous and or cliche novel it will just be insane.

Beware of:
Niall of One Direction
Jack and Jane of the creepypasta universe
Band reffrences of the dark emo world
Katy Perry queen of the world

I like cats
>( 0.0 )<

✖️Also, I am Queen Jane✖️
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Little Intellectual Tidbits  by EyelessJackQueen
Little Intellectual Tidbits
Quoth the raccoon. No I'm just kidding, just little recitations we had in class, that I were smart enough to...
Dan and Phil one shots by EyelessJackQueen
Dan and Phil one shots
IDk its random
Just Another Cliché Art Book by EyelessJackQueen
Just Another Cliché Art Book
Well its art and I absolutely love criticism. The constructive kind. I am not terrible at art. We are all sti...
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