Decided to delete my latest meme, not a lot of people understand it lol.


          Just found your page, loved your “RELATABLE autism memes (not sure if it is that)”
          Had a great time reading that! 


Thank you for reading and voting on "Taking a Pause." Glad you enjoyed. I appreciate your support.


I love how your profile said that you look autistic, but I'm really curious as to how that looks now. I'm imagining some allistic person who's convinced that autistic people are actually walking puzzle pieces. Not that I support Autism Speaks (and apparently needs to be silenced as a result). While I'm talking about A$ and puzzle pieces, can we talk about how ugly most "autism awareness" puzzle piece symbols are because the designers apparently have no grasp on complementary colors? Sorry for the ramble.


Hello! I have a 3 y/o daughter who has possible ASD. Will check your works some time! ❤️


Cool! I love when the Autistic community and parent allies come together, instead of either side reacting with hostility. 


Heyy do you think anyone who is autistic can be bilingual or multilingual? 


@adelinegay not the acc owner but yes! i'm autistic and i can speak four languages! language is one of my special interests so i like it a lot but i bet people with other interests can do it if they're actually excited to learm