Name: Zephyr 
Nickname(s): Zeth, Endless
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Skin Tone: Pale
Eyes: Silver/Blue
Hair: Shoulder length black with white bangs that cover the left side of my face.
Other: Black wolf ears & tail with white tips
Likes: Wolves, black, the forest, nature, wings, animals, anime, drawing, painting, dark, hunting, chains, leather, collars.
Dislikes: Pink, lights being flashed in my eyes/face, hurting my pack and/or family/friends, bitches & bullies, dissing wolves and/or werewolves.
Race/Species: Werewolf
Rank: Son of the MidnightDawn Pack
  • In the forest of N.B
  • JoinedSeptember 12, 2014


Story by Zephyr
Partner by EndlessOblivion0
The meeting between my characters: Niro & Srife
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