This is a joint account for the avid reader/writers 
@MiddleEarth111 & @arwen_galadriel !!

We made this account for our upcoming
The Hobbit FanFiction we will be working on TOGETHER!!

A little bit about @arwen_galadriel :

I'm 22, red-headed, and pale.

I love God.

I also love Tolkien, reading, and writing.

I live in an endless summer.

My cats are my soulmates.

I love, love.

And, if you're my friend, we're lifers. Sorry. I'm not sorry.

A little bit about @MiddleEarth111 :
(A.K.A. Amanwen)

Lover of all things Tolkien!! And Legolas....mehehe xD
I am a writer, reader, archer, knife thrower, green belt in karate, student of Kung Fu, horseback rider, and in love with the nature I am surrounded by out here in the country!

I take great joy in making new friends, and talking with the ones I have already made makes my day!
And while I try to be a sweet little cinnamon roll, just know that I can be your worst enemy should you mess with one of my friends.
You mess with one of us, we'll have the whole squad on your arse!😁

In height and personality, I am a hobbit. In spirit and heart, I am an elf.
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