Greetings! <33 I hope everyone’s having an amazing last day of May ^ ^
          	I just wanted to let those who are interested know that I finally published the short story I’ve been procrastinating on ✨ 
          	I’m sorry to those who have lost interest while waiting I know it sucks to wait. 
          	But yeah check it out if you have the time and thank you again for the support and sweet comments it means the world!


@EctoplasmFountain | ooh that's lovely news and I hope you're well ❤


@EctoplasmFountain THANKYOU SO MUCH!:-)


Hi, I've read both your stories an loved them! It's the kind that breaks your heart!! And if you've never had a broken heart these stories will make a person feel what it's like!!! Keep writing!! Looking forward to more good stories!!!


I read both of your Stories and i truly felt so mch all through it... It is so well written and i loved the way you potrayed the emotions of the characters... It's so damn fine... Heartbreaking yet beautiful well that love i guess....
          Keep up the good work 


Hello! Just saying, I read “Lay her down to rest” about 8 months ago and it still plagues my mind from time to time, I would even say often. Its really harrowing and I can’t love it more. What I was wondering about is whether you will be adding anything to it? I know it’s a short story and sometimes things are better left open without any closure or resolution, but I selfishly just want more and more of this story, I want to see what happens right after and even years after all of it happened. This is one of the most well written and heartfelt stories of this genre I’ve read on here and also one of my all time favourites. I would never push you to do anything you weren’t planning on doing in the first place and it’s fine either way, but I just want to know certainly if you plan on doing anything else with it or leaving it the way it is. All the ❤️ 


Hey! I completely understand. I was actually just thinking about this story again which is why I was prompted to check on the message I sent you and was happy to find that you responded! It took me awhile, but that’s me, I forget about everything. Anyways, I’m so eager for your new story! I know it’s not going to disappoint seeing as that you’re a brilliant writer. I’m also really glad to know that you’re even considering adding to this story, even if it’s not set in stone. And really, a bonus chapter of the funeral or a glimpse of Jonathan’s life after her death would actually be just right. I also don’t think a sequel is right for this story, no matter how much I would love to read it. But, no pressure. It would be freaking awesome if you did choose to add something in the end, but it’s also couldn’t be better than the way it is. It’s just me being hungry for more, don’t mind please❤️


Hey there! I genuinely can’t grasp the fact that this story impacted so many people and I’m really happy its become one of your favorites. I’ve gotten quite a few requests to make a sequel or just add more to the story, and I’m still apprehensive about adding anything in fear of ruining it or just dragging on the plot. 
            Sometimes it’s best to leave things the way they are. By all means this novel is far from being perfect, it’s not professionally written and it lacks a lot elements be it grammatical errors or just an overall sense of incompletion. 
            I wrote this story a couple years ago when I was younger, it took me a couple of months to finish because I was never really commit and at some parts I did rush the story along so that I may be able to publish it quickly. 
            I’m a very slow writer, there’s a particular way I like to phrase my words and write my scenes. I’ve been working on book for almost four years now and each day I add a sentence to a chapter, that’s how slow I am. It’s agonizing trying to motivate myself to write more. I really do enjoy writing but the perfectionist in me makes it a difficult task.
            But to be honest I’ve thought over this many times over and perhaps one day when I finish writing my current short story I’ll maybe add a bounce chapter about the funeral or a glimpse into Jonathan’s life after the incident. No promises yet though it’s only a thought ^^ I’m just trying to focus on other works for now. 
            But in the meantime do look forward to my new novel “into the arms of dusk” Im half way through writing it and will be publishing it as soon as I’m able :) and again, thank you so much for your love and interest it really means a lot❤️