Hey guys, 
          	Honestly at the moment I don’t have a laptop to actually write my stories, however I will get to that soon. Also, the question if Jason and Julia (from the story My Baby Girl) are black or white. Jason is American and Italian, as said in the story, and I never clarified what race or ethnicity Julia was, but I seen her character as white when I first started writing the book. many people can see her as black if they please, however if I added a black character the things they do would be different then what white people in my stories do, for example like how they do their hair, how they speak (adding some slang) we all know that black people do things much more differently. Keep an eye out for how Julia acts and the things she does things. This is not meant to be stereotypical that black people do this and that, NAH. Just from my personal experience with my black people and myself.


@Laylaisweird i saw her as black or mixed


@ESMIECutiE I see her as black


@ESMIECutiE I thought of her as Asian and white