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hi there, I'm Dav (nickname for security purposes 😉), I'm a high school junior, who puts too much on the plate and ends up not eating it all (I'm talking about hobbies) I've been connected to the wattpad world since 2013 but started a new account to actually publish. updates may be a bit wonky as I spend majority of my time either learning or at practice @ school, hence the plate metaphor. here's some other stuff about me 🔽

Favourite Books/Series
🔸Harry Potter
🔸Children Of Eden
🔸Maze Runner
🔸The Darkest Minds

Favourite Tv Shows
🔹Doctor Who
🔹 Agents Of SHIELD
🔹 Stranger Things
🔹 Miraculous Ladybug
🔹 SKAM italia

🔸 Imagine Dragons
🔹 Ed Sheeran
🔸 sleeping at last
🔹 random others

🔸Football (or soccer 😑) + volleyball
🔸being lazy
🔸 singing (though I sound like a dying cat)
🔸 playing the guitar + piano
is eating a hobby?

u p d a t i n g s c h e d u l e
~ about every 10 days
~ ~ may lengthen or shorten depending on how much free time I have

🔹 I accept and am grateful or any and all feedback given to me about my works 🔹🔸 if you enioy them please vote,and tell ya friend family and ya neighbours cat (I'm jk)
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