Have you checked out my story, COLORS OF US?
          	After months of therapy, Garrett Delko is still struggling to cope with his brother's suicide. The only time he finds peace is on the pitching mound and with a mysterious girl he's been obsessed with since the first week of college. One night, he sees her jumping off a bridge and it leads to an unexpected connection neither can deny. Garrett resolves to stay away, but as their paths intersect, he wonders if she's the answer he's looking for. 
          	Arianne Zhang is no one's magic remedy. She has her own troubles and doesn't need an adorable baseball player messing up her hard-earned anonymity. However, as they confide in each other, she begins falling for him. Then Arianne's secrets are exposed, and both must face tough choices. Can they find the strength to let go of their insecurities to help each other? Or will the colors of their past blind them to the truth?


@DoNotMicrowave Yes I have and it's a really good read (:


I’ll check it out, you are the best!!!!


Just  woundering if your going to finish the dance off in  tcps tales? Also i loved the cell phone swap book :)


Hey!! i really love your book. It's super nice and I can't tell u how funny it is.
          Am also a writer and will really appreciate if you guys support me.
          Thanks a bunch