Okay, so, you know that really cool talented artist and writer with over 900 followers and a ton of friends? ♡

that's not me.
in fact, that is probably the opposite of me.

Hi, I'm Squibble (or Squi, I don't really mind)

I am just your (slightly less than) average wattpad kid w/ bad taste and an unhealthy addiction to TV and books.

I am a questioning, demiromantic, genderfluid a**hole who probably uses waay to much sarcasm for their own good.

now here's some facts that you probably didn't need too know about me.

age: Minor

pronouns: just use they/them (tho I don't really mind too much)

dm's: always open for you ofc ◦•●❤♡❤♡❤●•◦

fave colour: blue, I'm a basic bixch (apparently)

swears: sometimes, yes.

books: they suck, but feel free to check 'em out. (that would in fact be appreciated ❤♡❤)

life: non--

friends/mutuals: @Ferretflashes @bis3xual_bitch @Magical_Maria @Iexist_congrats
(ily guys ❤)

Okay, so I think that's it.. oh wait.. fandoms

some of my fandoms: Haikyuu, MHA, Voltron Legendary Defender, She-Ra princesses of power, PJO, Minecraft, EmpiresSMP, DreamSMP, Harry PoTtAh ect.

(yeh, lol I ain't putting all my fandoms here, that'd take waay too long)

And, if for some reason, you have read through all this, *applause* you deserve a frickin medal. unfortunately, I do not have one of those.


◦•●❤♡ ;-; ♡❤●•◦
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Diverse_Octopus Diverse_Octopus Aug 20, 2022 09:15PM
3 things:1. I have been gone for a bit and came back to around 800+ notifs and OMG it was so much fun to go back and see how old stories I read have come along and also how chaotic af some comment t...
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