Hello everyone! Dimentio6 here!
🌱✨Dimentio anon possessed by Cami✨🌱
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✨❌ If y'all are pedos, karens, racist, toxic, (idk how to even say it, but y'all know what I mean... *i think*)or are mean to the LGBTQ+ community, I recommend that you don't follow me. I'd appreciate that a lot. Thank you and have a wonderful day!❌✨

✨" Mmm... I do enjoy a good chunking...~"✨
✨"I am Count Bleck's master of dimensions, the pleaser of crowds... I am...Dimentio! Remember the name well..."✨
✨"You don't wear tardiness well."✨
✨ ♚ I'm the king of this playground! ♚ ✨

✨🍭"If anyone hurts @IRead38274 , you will be sent to the Under Where, where there would be pain and suffering.....PLEASE GIVE THEM LOVE!!"🍭✨
@__MagiciansHat :
✨🍬 "I love you to the farthest star and back. I will give it my all to keep you happy. You're as sweet as candy and cakes can be. Don't forget that I love you no matter what."🍬✨
@Lonelylittlefreedom : * "We will both taste the agony of game-overing...by magic... in a good way for us, in that matter~"✨
@-Chika_da_Chicken- : "my new mother."✨

✨"the people my "blank friend" calls "friends" back at the hospital" ✨
- @WholesomeDoctor 💛
- @LalunaHexGirl 💙
- @-p3stery- ❤️
- @Godstery 💛💙❤️🤍


✨"These are the fandoms that Cami likes"✨
- Smile for me :-)
- Popee the performer
- Luigi's mansion 3
- Glitter force
- Creepypasta
- Super Paper Mario
- Paper Mario: the origami king
- Invader Zim
- Hazbin hotel
- Undertale
- Deltarune
- Kirby
- Black Butler
- Sleepykinq/Twisted Doctor
- animaniacs!
"I support the LGBTQ+ Community"
/ \
✨" love you all no matter what "✨
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What shouted dimentio’s canon voice / “*theme song*” be..?Theme song*:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bLgU4PTkJXI{if y’all have another idea for dimentio’s voice, please let me know! ^^*I know that...
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