Sorry everyone I've been pretty busy the past few months and am currently attending  Basic Training/Boot Camp, so I have limited access to wifi. I have not forgotten about my stories nor wattpad! But it will be a little while before I'm able to update again. If you're reading this thanks for staying committed to my stories and I hope to see you all later when I'm able to update again.


@vedi2107 Waiting for your updates, plz come back  plz plz don't leave us like this it's been YEARS, 
          	  *crying *
          	  Come back 
          	  *Ah i have to wait again I guess *
          	  *walks away and silently waiting for author*


          	  are you gonna continue the yandere cooks for villain in each world?
          	  im literallly sobbing
          	  please you cant leave me like this *quote unquote jun*