Daughter Of Emma and Killian Jones

Nicknames: Eva (daddy) Parrot (Mommy) Sis (Lizzie and Liam) Ev (Hope and Henry) One of Hook's Kids (Mr. Gold)

Lives in Storybrooke

2 years old

Mommy's Girl

Favorite Color: Purple

Mommy: @IAmEmmaSwanJones 🦢

Dada: @KillianJonesHook ⚓️

Kendall: @PirateKendallAnne 🧭

Henry: @HenryMillsSwanJones ✒️

Hope: @IAmHopeSwanJones

Liam: @IAmLiamSwanJones 🌊

Lizzie: @IAmLizzieSwanJones🌺

Junior: @LittleHookSwan 🍼

Knight: @IAmKnightSwanJones 🍼

Faith: @FaithSwanJones 🍼

Sista: @AliceJonesHook

Grandma: @ImSnowWhiteForreal 🍎

Grandpa: @PrinceCharmingDaBest 🗡

Autie ZZ: @Zelena_Mills 💚

Aunt Gina: @ReginaEvilQueen4Ever 👑

Uncle Robin: @OUAT_EvilRegalQueen 🏹

Mr.Gold: @rumplesiltskin00 🖤

Aunt Belle: @Adventure_Belle 🌹

Milah: @PirateMilah 💔

Uncle Smee: @FollowCaptainHook ⛵️

Jacinda and Lucy: @TheMillsGirls 👗

Aunt Tink: @WereOffToNeverland 🧚🏻‍♀️

Uncle Pan: @PanNeverGrowsUp

GodParents: Crocodile 🤣 and Belle 😊

I was born on October 13th. I was kidnapped By Wish Realm Dark Swan, she put a spell on my family making them forget I ever existed! She raised me as her own, but When I turned three A portal opend helping me escape not Sure if Dark Mommy followed or not...
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Story by Evalyn Jones
Mommies Baby Girl by DaughterOfHook
Mommies Baby Girl
The Title says it all!