Hello, some chapter may be glitching. Idk but some chapters aren’t showing for me and some aren’t showing the comments or votes and such. If this is happening I’m really sorry. 
          	All I can do is hope that it is fixed on the next update.


@Darkleer-Sempai I was wondering if you were gonna update watching his memories again and if you are when do you plan to do it, it's a really good story and i really wanna read what happens next


@Darkleer-Sempai I really like what you publish about One Piece and others that you do. I really like watching Luffy's memories that you published and that you are still working on. I'm working on one about One Piece in a different scenario of what would  happen if father and son meet each other at  wano. Anyways keep up the good work!!!


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Okay listen to me, Stuck in Naruto was the best story I've ever read about. It made me cry a lot. Please make Stuck in Naruto 2 - with the same story but somehow Raven will come back etc. I know nothing much happened in Boruto but yknow, ill have fucking depression if there's no part 2, thank you :D


when are you gonna update "Watching His Memories One Piece"?!
          please update soon please I really love reading it! please


Hey I just recently read this and I love it but whenever you have time can you continue it that's all thank you hope you're doing okay have a good day