"Looking for positivity in a life that is so unstable, so unpredictable, and filled with plenty of lost hope is like looking for light in a world without a sun." ~ Me

As you enter the dark woods you stumble upon a beat down little shack. As you enter through the already broken down door you see a small black haired girl sitting down with her back towards you. You notice her head tilting to a happy tune of music, as you get closer you realize she is cleaning blood off of her red handled dagger. She notces your presence, but continues doing what she is doing, expecting you to state why you are here.
Cat got your tongue??
* She lets out a little giggle as she slams down the dagger and turns around in the chair.*
*She sits there waiting impatiently with an uneasy grin across her face.*

The name is Blair....but I have always been known as Daring so I guess thats cool too.
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