Meow, I am in the middle of a crisis. I can not find any HanaxKiyoshi fanfics. This is a very bad thing. I may die today as such is the fate of a world with HanaxKiyoshi fanfics. *Bleh*...................Also my favourite ships rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
They be
Hana x Kiyoshi (Prison School.) Not for the innocent!
Randy x Theresa (Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja.) Pretty Bruce
Pacifica x Dipper (DIPCIFICA or dipifica, you gotta search up both to find all the fanfics. Gravity Falls)
Star x Marco (STARCO but i do also ship him with one other. Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Marco x Janna (Don't ask why but i do. Star vs. The Forces of Evil)
Donut Cat x RADIOACTIVEKITTY (Lol they're both me.)
Touka x Kaneki (Yeaaaaaah! Tokyo Ghoul.)
So far none to ship in Rick and Morty. (OH GOD PLEASE NO ONE WATCH IT!!!)
I forgot the names for the characters but Unnoticeable Main Character x That Really annoying President of the Club (Yeah the other girls annoying as hell. My teen romantic comedy or whatever its name is.)
RRRRRRRRRRR THEY BE MY SHIPS or whatever. *Bleh*...................................MEOW! I may also start a Fanfic.
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Story by Donut Cat
The Story of a Cat. by DCLDROFKITTYS
The Story of a Cat.
The story of my life, a cat stuck in a donut.
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