Chapter 131 & 132 of Carrion is now live! Bren Watts and his friends' adventures across apocalyptic America is back! Enjoy :)


@ DAlecLyle  thaaaaaanks




@DAlecLyle Thank you very much for the update!!!!! I have waited so long!! I love you!!


Hi, I just wanted to say, that I am in love with "Carrion, The Bren Watts Diaries".  What a complete and immersive world you have created.  I have read this book at least 5 times already and I pick up new details every time.  Your characters are so complex and interesting. I honestly feel like I am there with them for each and every moment.  It's like I am experiencing every day, every second with them in this ruined landscape that is so familiar, yet terrifyingly alien. Your storytelling is so compelling that I find myself unable to put it down and have fallen asleep with my phone in hand reading. I cannot wait to start reading part two in this horror fantasy world that you have painstakingly created for us.



 Hey so I have an inquisition. Your book is so diverse so you must understand! As a islander who is part Persian and this tribe had some light skinned and some deeper toned people with any color of hair or eyes but usually hazel or brown with brownish ginger curly or coily hair. Is BRENN supposed to be of this tribal descent? Cause he has like the body and hair and also eyes for it and the confidence plus you said his mom had THEM CURLS; how everyone hates him in a CERTAIN bad  way and how he’s so beautiful that you have to admit it but guys think that makes him like very gay and shameful even tho he’s just has comes from an enchanted descent? Cause like that happens a lot to my community for gay people. And like this would be a diversity slay so if so put this for him to say “Parhsasarditi nun exprés jiri diu” meaning “accidentally or intentionally comes god” but that means good  im just a Persian wine mom so you understand ✨