I am starting a group chat on kik so that everyone can make friends or just talk about random things!! I really want to meet a lot of you guys. Don't worry guys I ain't serious like I sound. I'm actually fun and wild lmao. So if you want to be in the group chat COMMENT ON THIS. Or message me and say "Groupchat" and the username of your kik so that I can add you. If you are gonna comment on here say "Groupchat" and I'll message you and ask for your kik. (:


@Contests00 group chat


Hello is there any current contests? I really want to join a contest. If there are any I would love to join it. :)


Hi guys... i have recently completed my first wattpad work -Irresolute Direction......I just wanted it to be reviewed by some professional guys like you and hope to recieve some sugggestions for better can check it out on my profile....