Hey guys sorry I’ve been away, I just started uni and I am SLAMMED. Stitches update is on its way :)


@CockyLilo It's okay ! Mine started a month ago...


Can you please update The Run and Go? I just read it all in one day only to find it hasn’t been updated in two years and I’m really sad because it is really good.


Hey guys sorry I’ve been inactive. I’ve hit a bump when it comes to Dallon. Due to all the #firezackhall chaos and at the moment the plot centres around the introduction of Zack Hall :/ I’m also away on holiday tomorrow so I’ll be back for writing next week (:  


Hello, i know we barely talk but i wanna talk about Garrett Watts briefly and I’d figure you’d enjoy it.
          I think the only reason people shipped Andrew and Garrett was because he was the only one who was actually nice to him and it seemed way more romantic than it actually was because everyone else around them were ASSHOLES. Like Garrett needed help moving (Even though they got distracted) Andrew offered to help.
          Sorry, I just love Garrett and Andrew so much and you have a Garrett PFP so I just wanted to share it-


Garret actually deserves all the happiness and love in the world, the same with Andrew. The two of them are so unproblematic and are both gorgeous people inside and out


Sorry that I’ve been absent, I recently got a switch and got really into Animal Crossing because I’m basic af. Add me on switch x


Hey!!!! I’m excited that ur going to update Brendon!!!!! I was exactly thinking about reading it again. Also, reading the sequel too