Hello sir!  I just want to tell you that I am one of your avid fan of your books. 


I'm shocked I didn't know you were on this platform.  You don't seem active any longer, but nevertheless,  on the very off chance you read this, let me tell you what your work has meant to me.  Your work was such an inspiration to me as a teenager.  Through reading your work, it bridged a gap for me, in my creativity, between Stephen King and these very black-and-white ideas of good versus evil and what I would call my more corruptible nature where the lines between what is macabre and what can even be called depraved/bizarre get muddled with what I consider desirable and beautiful.   I never read anything quite like *Books of Blood* before, and I don't think I've found anything close to it (well, I did feel like a short story, "The Last Feast of the Harlequin" reminded me of you).  *Hellraiser* is still something I watch almost compulsively.  It's as though you "get" that even the diseased portions can hold a kind of sickly sweetness that the more wholesome parts can't quite kill the cravings for.
          Don't mind me, I'm just gonna go back to my corner.


Just wanted to say I adore your stories. I'm 41 and was given Weaveworld when I was about 14 and it is still one of my favourite books. Your imagination just astounds me. 


You sir are one of the best in the horror business i have been reading your work since i was ten and enjoy anything you put out would just like to say thank you 


Hi please check out my story


Hey if you could  put the abarat books on here  i would  be forever greatful 


OMG! Yes! That would be amazing! It's my favorite series by him!


You are my hero. Putting the Books of Blood on here for free is a super classy move; the first volume of that series is one of the things that inspired me to want to write.