It's Memorial Day.  There are people fighting for their lives and freedom in different parts of the world at this moment.  We have a good standard of living here in North America thanks to a great deal of sacrifice, most of it made by men and women without followings or fame.
          Not every government or nation is 100 percent free, entirely equal - but I'd say the United States is the best place in the world to live while we try to evolve to the next level.  Think about the people you miss today.  Think about contributing to your household, your neighborhood, and your world in such a way that you'll be missed when you're gone, because you were a good person and a cool hang : ) And remember how lucky you are.  Someone out there would happily trade places and problems with you. 
          Give this a listen, then get back to writing.
          BILLY BRAGG - "She Came Along To Me"


@CitizenSamurai Well said, friend.


Easter is my least favorite holiday.  I have my reasons.
          This is one of the most traumatic parts of Easter right here:

          I love chocolate and peanut butter (as pictured in this catalog link) but when we visited the same family friends for Easter dinner each year, they kindly sent us away with one of those scat-shaped eggs for each kid, some kind of chocolate packed with sour walnuts.  If you ate it, you got sick.  I always tried to sneak mine out the window of the station wagon on the way home.
          The best part about Spring was Spring Break.  Who misses that?
          Jesus was the first Spring Breaker.
          Imagine the swagger you'd have, rising from the dead to shake off the haters and get wild with your boys in the Mediterranean, and then leaving Earth to go live with your biological dad.
          A final hurrah with eleven solid dudes who helped you build a motivational speaking & magic catering outreach empire (low overhead, insane profit margins). The same guys who had your back during the humble years, when you were making a living framing houses & fishing, you thought your stepdad was your real dad, and Judas was still cool.
          Happy Spring everyone.
          ALEXANDER EBERT - "Truth"

          OLD 97s - "Salome"

          ALDOUS HARDING "Imagining My Man"

          MARGARET GLASPY - "You & I"

          THE LINDA LINDAS - "Oh!"

          SATAN'S PILGRIMS - "La Cazuela"

          FLOYD CRAMER - "Last Date"

          R.E.M. - "Last Date" (cover)

          R.E.M. - "Don't Go Back To Rockville"

          OLD 97s - "Old Familiar Steam"

          DIRE STRAITS - "Romeo & Juliet"

          LOU REED - "Romeo Had Juliet"


@CitizenSamurai Excellent summary of Spring & Easter, lad! 


Big love to everyone who sounded off and made this week interesting.
          Welcome back to some of the people who've been away.
          Today I'm wasting your time with a post about movies and music.
          < if any links don't work in your region, search the title on YouTube >
          THE ADVENTURES OF SEBASTIAN COLE - This is a film about a young man who desperately wants to be a writer.  Clark Gregg plays his stepfather, and delivers the best "get your act together" speech of any film in this first chapter >

          Beautiful, original storytelling - no CGI, no superhero universes.  It's a sweet independent film, audio can be a bit muddy, headphones recommended.

          KAREN DALTON - "Something On Your Mind"

          COWBOY JUNKIES - "Southern Rain"

          DRAPHT - "Rapunzel"

          JAMES - "Sit Down"

          JEFFERSON AIRPLANE - "Today"

          BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE - "Anemone" (live)

          JOHNNY RIVERS - "Memphis"
          "she could not leave her number, but I know who placed the call /
          'cause my uncle took the message and he wrote it on the wall"

          WAX - "California"
          (short film, worth watching)

          ORVILLE PECK - "Dead Of Night"
          (turn this up)

          THE KNIFE - "Heartbeats"

          VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE - "Monsters & Angels"
          (great video)

          U2 - "Bad"
          Irish shout-out for @JohnnyTuturro

          SANTIGOLD - "The Riot's Gone"

          ELLIOTT SMITH - "Waltz No. 2"

          THE EVERLY BROTHERS - "When Will I Be Loved?"

          THE BAD SNEAKER ORCHESTRA - "Rikki Don't Lose That Number" (cover)
          (this is pure gold, worth watching)


@CitizenSamurai Thank you.  It was written a while ago. And no, not yet.  There's no excuse except procrastination. xoxo


@CitizenSamurai You are too kind, Jim! I appreciate you always supporting me and trying to get my podcast out there! Truly the best friend/supporter anyone could ask for.


this message may be offensive
Here's the latest chapter.
          A quick shout to all the hard-working W'pad writers who are creating, polishing, completing work - and diving back into the mess of creating all over again without hesitation.
          Many writers fit that description - most of them are women who are turning out fully developed worlds, working from fresh concepts seemingly without effort.  They don't complain, they just keep working.
          I could never name all the scribes who inspire me, but Australian scribe @donnaf1828 is out there killing it repeatedly with a wide range of work.  I highly recommend, and if you can figure out her secret I'll pay to know what it is.  My theory is, she doesn't sleep : ) 
          Those of you who are engaged and kicking ass without stopping to wait for people to pat you on the back:  you are my heroes.  I know you'd be doing this with or without an audience, with or without likes and votes.
          If I left @donnaf1828 on a desert island, I guarantee she'd put all her efforts into making her own paper, her own ink, her own pens from the bones of predatory species, and her own bamboo writing gazebo - drinking foraged tea from coconut husks and staying engaged in her rich creative world, instead of actually trying to get off the damn island : ) (if rescuers did find her, she'd defer evacuation, asking for just one more week "to finish this damn book").  
          The work comes first.  The work is the only thing, and the example you set by treating this as a writing site and not a needy social-media suck is pure rocket fuel to the rest of us.
          And a very hearty welcome back to our man @NickAdams68 .  There are good people out there who put others first and Nick is one of those good people.


@KEJennings ❤❤ Thank you. 


@CitizenSamurai ❤❤❤ I wonder if we take our life's skills into a next life? Maybe then we might get all we want to write, written. Xo


@KEJennings That is very nice of you - I am sure that some of the books I go back to read (I only vote at the end of chapter, that way I know where I left off) I cannot tell where I was.  That's really frustrating.  Thanks for noticing that and hammering them, I'll never turn down a vote, a like, or send back a steak.


Hey good people - here's a short film that is on YouTube.  I don't want to give it away.  Put your headphones in and get down with some good storytelling from the Polish brothers:


@CitizenSamurai ohhhh gonna add it to my list!


Why did I not see this before? It’s on my list for sure now!