Most important fact : I'm a power hungry Slytherin 🐍 filled with ambition and cunningness. 

A proud Gemini ♊

I've never watched Vampire dairies

Never went camping

I have a huge crush on Tom Riddle 😍

Voldemort is cute. Meaning: ugly but acceptable. 😚

Heath Ledger Joker is my baby💓💗💖💝

I'm not proudly South African. I wanna leave and never go back. 👣👣

I've never watched Doctor Who. Shocker! 😱 I wonder why? (Sarcasm). It isn't a big thing South Africa

I don't have a pet lion but I sure wish I did. That way my enemies would be lunch or breakfast anytime. 👿

Did you know that Harley Quinn and I are bffs *winks*

🌌 Keep shining!🌌
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