African| 17 year old who's still figuring life out (might never finish but oh well). I love people, rain, music, books, movies,the feel of babies. That's what I live for.
I'm mostly on YouTube or Safari because I love learning new things and also love it when people document moments of their lives and share it with us. I'm that friend that loves it when you flood her gallery with goofy pictures and videos. I love playing virtual reality games. I love love pregnancy and childbirth and the whole raw experience because it's sacred and I really can't wait to experience what my body is capable of. I love photography I want to learn it someday 🥺. I'm all for empowering people ❤️.

Spaghetti and Fanta is lifeeeeeee🤤
I don't like egg yolk (it's a love hate relationship😩)
As much as I love people, I'm great at texting and really bold but irl I'm just a shy little baby well until I'm comfortable with you💀. I love having intellectual conversations 🥂. I stalk wattpad profiles a lot🤡 and the comment section is where the fun is😂.

Also, recommend songs to me haha even if we don't talk I would really appreciate it. I love vintage songs and I listen to Alternative and Pop mostly. (Other genres are cool too😚) Did I forget to mention I'm emotional? I love the strong emotions that courses through me whenever something I read or watch touches me. It makes me feel connected and super duper close. Oookayyyy that's it I'm talking way too much already 🥴

Text me if you ever want to talk I love making friends ❤️( it's weird that I see this on people's bios and as much as I want to text them I just can't *sighs*)

Byeee thanks for making it this far haha ❤️
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