Fan of many groups, but a major BTS trash. Couldn't choose a bias in BTS cause' they're all smokin' hot af. 

Also a weird and crazy author, not to mention that there was one time I said flowers were inside of poop.

Currently in a super important year of ma lifeu, and I honestly want to throw my books in the bin and give up ma studies.

Aspiring person to become an idol (ofc), but Mom had to disagree and made me turn my career path to become a lawyer. (sad life)

Also enjoy composing stories, which is why I have this wattpad account. (duh)

Have a fear of darkness, insects, heights and many more, so basically a scaredy-cat.

Friends call me innocent, but hell naw. Total opposite.

This bird-like brain of mine takes a lot of explanation to understand a Math question.
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Story by box of nothing
Heartbroken [ Taehyung Fanfic] by Chanyeol2Oppaaa
Heartbroken [ Taehyung Fanfic]
Taehyung and Yoongi made a deal. What's the deal that made Junghwa so heartbroken? Read more to find out abou...
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