Only people who have read Lilah are allowed here. So if you've not read my parents' book yet, you can either go and read it or kindly fuck off 😺

Now let's come back to me💅

Currently trying to fucking grow up asap so that Bear can stop trying to gobble me up.
( Don't mind my language🖐️ as much as I love him, daddy is a bad influence 🤷)
And don't worry about momma and daddy, they never go to bed upset with each other....Bear and I make sure of it( thank us bitches😏)

But some nights they do kick us out of the bedroom 😤 (wonder what's the reason🤐)

And lastly,

I get to call him daddy and you don't 💅😜

So piss off 😹
  • Probably on daddy's lap 💅 ( you wish that was you, huh?😼)
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