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{Just a regular OGcale and KRScale simp whose hobbies are reading, writing and drawing }

|Constellation 'Keeper Of Forlorn Promises' Greets you enthusiastically and waves |

|Constellation 'Keeper Of Forlorn promises' Says Welcome to their domain and is excited to meet you for the first time! |

|Constellation 'Keeper Of Forlorn Promises' informs you that they post stories in their conversations and encourages you to read it |

|Constellation 'A thousand Hearts, A singular Soul' smiles gently at you and moves aside to make room for you to sit|

•Warmly lit candles burned brightly and embodied the likeness of a morning star.

The inferno licked across the fluttering pages of a tattered book, contents brimming with life as it began retelling stories accumulated over the course of a few thousands of years, articulating history with a message coated in honey, similiar to a Mother coaxing it's child to sleep under the lulling gaze of the evening night•


{ Sidereus Nuncius (usually Sidereal Messenger, also Starry Messenger or Sidereal Message) is a short astronomical treatise (or pamphlet) published in Neo-Latin by Galileo Galilei on March 13, 1610. }

[*%•.•. A writer begins a story, a reader finishes it~ .•.•%*}
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Y’all I finally found out the answer to a question even Scientists have no answer too—The reasons why autocorrect always correct Cale to cake is because he’s got that CAKE— *intense coughing* /( •...
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