cover ib. @tragedienes 


          ya know what, this year sucked so much
          in so many ways. it was painful, unfair,
          cruel and difficult, to say the least. the
          new year won't magically erase all of the
          problems and issues we've faced in 2020
          but i genuinely hope you and your loved
          ones are able to catch a break.
          i hope the year ahead brings you warmth,
          light, love. i hope you get to smile often,
          i hope you grow to feel better about your
          beautiful self, even if a little. i hope you meet
          new friends, i hope you love your old friends.
          i hope you are happier, you deserve to be.
          i hope 2021,
          in whatever ways possible, is kinder to you.
          i hope healing comes fast and i hope all the
          heaviness put upon you starts to lessen.