*If you are a member of Hybe, have professional standings with BTS, or are Namjoon, please look away thanks*

Hi, I really like to write and create stories <3

I try to build worlds and develop characters that you can immerse yourself in, so once you find a story of mine to read, I'll see you there! ;)

A special thank you to the Bangtan Boys for inspiring these stories. I'd like to think that my books are more than 'fanfiction', and one day a story of mine might be found on a shelf~ until then, this is what I enjoy to do, and I'll forever be thankful to the 7 guys who changed my life <3

Translate ✔
Stranded ✔
Ever After ✔
Between Footsteps (in progress)
Cupid's Law (in progress)
BTSXReader Fluff (ON HOLD)
Until Forever (Coming Soon)
Dream Stranger (Future Work)
Give (Future Work)

@Dina-soar and @clucky_chicken are my homies and have amazing stories jfshkwshks and I stan <3

We have a joint account called @DinaCluckRae where we post extra stories we may not want to post on our mains! If you like our works and want more, you can find us there!

Insta: BurkahRae12
Ko-fi (donations): https://ko-fi.com/11b4t72s

Love you guys! Happy reading ;P

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Wow I wish I could put pictures on here because I just found the prettiest picture of Tae that reminded me of Ever After :'3https://twitter.com/archivefortae/status/1538431400495288320?t=RX0ntNY7a9j...
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... .... .- -.. --- .-- ... by BurkahRae12
... .... .- -.. --- .-- ...
ₕₒw fᵢₜₜᵢₙg ₜₕₐₜ ₜₕₑ ₒₙₗy ₜₕᵢₙg ₗₑfₜ ₜₒ ₑₓᵢₛₜ fₒᵣ, ᵢₛ ₑₙₜₑᵣₜₐᵢₙₘₑₙₜ. R̷̡̩͚͓͎̬͐́͌͆̚͘i̸̮̩͌͒̉̿̈́͘̚n̷̻̳͓̰͎̩̺̮͎̦͝g̴...
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Between Footsteps| p.jm by BurkahRae12
Between Footsteps| p.jm
C@U$€ ØF Đ€@TH: PARK JIMIN &quot;So... I'm here because... I've been killed by someone named Park Jimin?&quot...
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Ever After| k.th ✔ by BurkahRae12
Ever After| k.th ✔
&quot;Once upon a time, I thought our story was over. Unfortunately for me, it was really just the beginning...
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