Welcome to the Ambassador run Bullying Prevention profile!

Wattpad is committed to keeping the community safe and wants to make sure that the stories being told on Wattpad do not contribute to real-world harm. As a part of the Wattpad community, we encourage you to work with us to help keep Wattpad safe and comfortable for everyone.

Wattpad is a place where people can feel safe to express their voices and be themselves. Now more than ever, it's crucial that we use our voices to amplify knowledge and spread positivity.

This profile will help you find useful resources, share great stories, host contests, and we aim to help make your Wattpad journey a safe and happy one.

So how can you help?

Be Empathetic. Learning about empathy is important as it helps us build positive communities and stronger friendships. We can also help protect each other from online harm if we are empathetic towards each other. There's more information on Wattpad's Empathy Project here, and about being empathetic towards your fellow users.

If you see something that upsets you, you should see if it breaks the Wattpad Code of Conduct or the Wattpad Content Guidelines. If it does, you should report it to Wattpad so they can help you.

Remember that you are important. No matter what someone else shares or posts, you deserve to be treated with respect and compassion and do not have to suffer being bullied or harrassed. So if someone is concerning you, don't forget you mute them and/or report them and if you're ever feeling down, we also have Counseling and Prevention Resources, too.

We welcome ideas for anything you would like to see included here, but please do not advertise your own work on the profile.

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