Hi ,kpop be killing me .

. .loves all kpop groups .got a therepist and is now much more happier
, Someone told me that life has its ups and downs but you'll get through it but in the mean time always remember there is something for you in this world you are never alone even though you don't see it just remember Bts and Army will be here with you through thick and thin im getting better with my sadness my therapist said it because I'm always at home but no I love being alone and I love to sleep, eat than go to uni people tell me I'm lazy or im rude cause I don't like hugs or I am embarrassing ,I know I'm embarrassing ,Lazy but I'm not rude I like having friends and my Mom was worried coz I might end up like my dad being used or taken advantage of coz of im oblivious at most situations but even though I know this and I'm always backstapped I still try to make friends to see who is and who is not trustworthy I have a baby face and I'm short so I get called mean names alot by people at School but I remind them that it's who I am and nothing gonna change it so love yourself and don't care about what other people say sorry if I wasted your time╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭ born 09/06/2004
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BtsStayblink BtsStayblink Jun 15, 2022 02:48AM
Ok so I'm cried so hard that I'm still crying now I deleted my BTS songs for now ,don't worry it's not that I hate them nope I just don't really want to have a break every minute of the day so I dele...
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