I kinda just used Wattpad to read stories but I kinda of have some ideas where I wanna use them so yeah... also started getting back into kpop and Star Wars animated series's so I could make some of those too.

Kpop Account: @puppy-yujin

Stories I'm currently Writing:

•The Forbidden Dragon Magic Knight (Black Clover x Male OC)
•The American Little Giant (Kiyoko x OC)
•Ushijima's Youngling?! (Haikyu x Male OC)

Future Possible Stories:
(Aka I have an idea but idk if I wanna write them at all or yet)

•New Survivor (Sabine x Male OC)
•Jyp's New Star (Sana x Male OC)
•Main Dancer Duo (Momo x Male OC)
•Sports Star Meets Kpop (Twice x Male OC)
•Lui Shirosagi in Metal Fight (Beyblade Metal Series)
•The Time Dragon of DxD (Small Highschool DxD Harem x Male OC)
•The Spirit of Kayn (Highschool DxD Harem x Male OC)
•The Mandarin in Night Raid (Akame x Male OC x Chelsea)
•Breath of Chaos (Kanao x Male OC)
•The Eldest Kamado (Demon Slayer x Male OC)
•The Unknown Hashira (Mitsuri x Male OC)
•The Drawing Hero: Sai (Momo x Male OC)
•Spirit Guardian Vigilante (Jiro x Male OC)
•A Spirit Samurai Hero (Nejire x Male OC)
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Stories by MrNarwhal
Ushijima's Youngling?! (Haikyuu x Male OC) by Brussellsprouts_
Ushijima's Youngling?! (Haikyuu x...
First thing... yes I made another Haikyuu book. Reason.... because I fucking wanted to? Fukurodani, a prestig...
The Forbidden Dragon Magic Knight (Black Clover x Male OC)(Officially on Hiatus) by Brussellsprouts_
The Forbidden Dragon Magic Knight...
(ON HIATUS) *Sorry for waiting for a while to put in that I'm officially on Hiatus on this book but I have a...
The American Little Giant (Kiyoko x Male OC) by Brussellsprouts_
The American Little Giant (Kiyoko...
A transfer student by the name of Jaden Lee from America comes to Karasuno after the Inter-High tournament. I...
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