Educational Decree
☞ No. 394
All people reading this are REQUIRED to read the following:

Burn any Twilight books you see
Or go to Azkaban and face the consequences:
- Banishment of nose
- Being read Twilight
- A dementor's kiss
- Or worse, expelled

_ she/her
_ intersectional feminist
_ introvert
_ smol (couch) potato
_ Ravenclaw
_ Horned Serpent
_ Daughter of Athena
_ Member of S.P.E.W.
_big (virtual) hugger
_ My siblings:
⇒ @Feminiist_
⇒ @Sad_Boiz
_ Adopted by ⇒ @_Honey-Suckle_
_ @CanISsslytherin 's bean
_ @itz_me_biatch 's "wittle puff-puff" idk what that means
_ if you see me write "F" on my message board, that means I'm honoring the death of a fictional character

OTPs include, but not limited to:
Pansmione, Linny, Rarry, Wolfstar, Deamus, Demumbridge, Pipabeth, Theyna, Solangelo, Catradora, Katoph, Tyzula, Zukka, Tophuki, Korrasami, Kyalin, Rilaya, Supercorp, Vauseman, Jori, Beronica, Mevie, Bechloe, Breznick, Brittana, Karley, Faberry, Klaine, Sydlena, Rules, Cazzie, TodoDeku, KiriBaku, BakuDeku, MomoJirou, TsuChako, Shinkami, SasuNaru, InoSaku/SakuIno, ShizuTsu, KageHina, AsaNoya, KenHima, TsukkiYama,

virtual hugs, memes, vine references, puns, books, rants, helping people, making people laugh, girl in red, Clairo, proper lgbt+ representation, tacos, pizza, 80s movies n' songs, fanfiction, & the colors blue, grey, and purple

people who say sexuality is a choice, people who wish anyone that isn't a fictional bish dead, homophobes, pedophiles, pedophilia ships, biphobes, transphobes, racists, socializing, small talk (irl), makeup, dresses, high heels, stereotypes, Karen's, bullies, cockroaches, seafood, the color orange, school, society, canon, Dumbledore, and ROMIONE

PMs always open!

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anyone know how to make my heart un-shatter?— noodle after reading a freaking sad xreader fic
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