I would like to take a moment to appreciate @M_Rainberry for the new cover of The Alpha Kings Mate!! I love it so much and I hope you all love it just as much!!! They were amazing to work with and if you want an amazing cover for one of your books, I hope you consider them!!!


@Bookdragon2022 Hi I rlly love your story when are you going to update the Sequel of The Alpha King's Mate.


@Bookdragon2022   I am planning on reading your first book and then I will consider that that the end of this story.  I have been trying my best to totally avoid ongoing, unfinished and abandoned stories. There are plenty of great completed stories on wattpad and other websites.  If you are ever able to complete the story and I am still around looking for something good to read, then who knows.


@Bookdragon2022 ❤️❤️❤️


Nova finally escapes her abusive foster parents with the help of a man but falls into something far worse than she could ever imagine for this man held a dark secret which she is now forced to live with forever


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Hello! We miss you! Please let us know if you are going to continue on the sequel! I read both books today and I need more! Please please tell me you are still with us!


sorry, I just started reading this book, and I know I'm only at the beginning, but I thought that a person can only have their one and only mate so I don't really understand why the lady challenged Audrey, assuming she won would they have undermined Audrey's position as his mate, cause I feel it still matters right?! Or am I overthinking, sorry if any one is offended this is the first werewolf book I am reading.


@rororotten i was talking about the alpha king's mate


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