Hey it may be stupid but could you do a harry potterX baby reader  if not its fine tysm 


          I just recently finished writing a book. It is a percy jackson fanfiction ( Not another Romeo Juliet) and I was wondering if I could get your opinion on that. So pls check it out in your free time and let me know. 
          Sorry if I disturb you. 


HI um question are you still active anymore? If your not cool whatever but can you send an author note or a post message saying your not active anymore 


In your Avengers X baby reader book, you said you were going to do a Percy Jackson one. Have you decided not to, have you not gotten around to it, or what? Sorry if this bothers you, it just sounded like a good idea and I was exited for it. Thanks!


Hi i just joined! Plz follow me too.


Hi there just one of your fellow readers here I would just like to ask..if you can update and it's ok if you can't ! But other than that um...Are you okay?its okay if you don't answer! <:3


Hey I have a question when are you planning to update your Creepypasta x child reader I really enjoy the book and I would like to see where it goes


Updateeeeeee pleaseeeeee


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