The Bakugou series will be kinda slow
          	But the good news is, if you like Bungo stray dogs then I’ll be releasing a bunch of stories about Chuuya and Dazai ‼️ 
          	Love y’all <3 


@BlowingYourMind come back >:((( I love ur stories wayy too much


@BlowingYourMind  oh good ur alive has us worried there


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Hello.  I am a Russian person, and I would like to translate your story into Russian for Russian speaking people.  I do not claim authorship, what you are the author, I will definitely mark in the description, or if you want under each part.  You've created a truly excellent job!  So my question is: Can I?


Sorry for the late response, of course you can!


Hello. I have taken into account that you have fallen out of the bnha fandom but I would like to know if you will post the final chapter of the Bakugou Cares book, It has been a few months and it would be appreciated if you announce whether it has been discontinued or not. Putting that aside, how is your state of well being? Are you perhaps in the hospital? Anyhow, I do hope you are doing well and not fated to a forever sleep anytime soon. 
          Your local pack killer.
          P.S: I found your book highly satisfactory and have binged it no break, but please put your health first above anything.


            Unfortunately I don’t think I will be completing the last chapter so I will mark it as discontinued. 
            I was in the hospital for a while, I’m out now and alive but there are still some effects. 


@PackKiller P.S(2): I also know that you have caught covid, I want you to worry about that first above all. If this in any way is pressuring you, please tell me. I have no idea whether you'll answer or not since I have no way of knowing how you are doing. Just please don't be dead.