As a child, I'd often visit the library, searching for stories that reflected my own identity. I yearned to see myself in the characters, to find black vampires, witches, mermaids, and shapeshifters that looked like me on book covers of all genres. I longed to escape into magical realms where African Americans were the heroes, ruling as dragon queens and kings or vampires  secretly living among us. 

I vowed that no one else would have to experience the same disappointment I felt when I couldn't find these binge reader stories. I wanted to create a gateway to fantastical worlds where readers could lose themselves in alternate realities and secret societies.

Today, I'm proud to introduce my first series, The Epic Vampire Uprising Series, a complete collection of fourteen black vampire and werewolf alpha books that will indulge your fantasy cravings leaving you with an addiction for more.

But that's not all - I'll be releasing a range of fantasy novels, featuring a diverse array of mythical creatures in richly imagined fine crafted worlds.

Join me on this journey as we soar through dynasties, gateways, and realms, discovering a new era of storytelling.

I'm committed to providing quality books that celebrate the bright tapestry of African American culture and identity, written for readers of all backgrounds who crave positive representations of themselves.

I proudly give you
through the over imaginative eye of my mind....Blk Qween presents books of magic and mystic wonder.

fly with me on magic carpets, horseback, race csrs, carriages, and space ships, as you binge read yourself into worlds of imagination and thrilling adventurous journeys.

Welcome to dimensions, worm holes, and realms unlike any you've read.

You've just sipped from the chalice of imagination prepare to be enchanted.
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