~Some say in order to write you need an imagination, but I beg to differ. Every human being has imagination, it's as common as the cold. But passion. Passion drives a writer to never-ending distances, where they can create worlds, characters, connections to and from the reader, and an insatiable hunger for the writer to devour their scripture. Passion makes every word tangible as it flies through your fingertips. It breathes life into words and gives them meaning. It reminds us that anything is able to be written because not everything has been created. Passion gives us the power to manipulate things that we have no voice over. Passion in writing gives us free-will to determine what we want to happen. Because the possibilities are endless as long as your passion is endless.~

*I write Horror, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Dystopian, and Fan Fiction works.*

{Sanity is a cage, insanity is freedom.}

•My ideas have made me drift to another world. One where my mind has been assuaged from my current limits.•
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