Fairy Garden Ahead, Please🐾🐾approach Carefully 💁🏾‍♀️👸🏾👑🧚🧚🌈💅🦄

God lives🌈🌈👑 Christian 🤗

18th chapter of life☀️
Unstable psycho STAN😅💅
COLLEGE (Pray for me😅😭)
Future Pharmacist
5'9 Skrtttt
|Straight| Sometimes I feel Asexual🤷🏾‍♀️
Devoted Reader and Foodie🥞🍖
Gamer:Minecraft,Mortal Kombat,Tekken and Arkham asylum are my faves tho✨❤️
Stewie griffin😂😎
Joey from Freinds❤️💍
A.R.M.Y(i can't pick a fav I'm obsessed with all of em)ok Jin and V😭😭
Addicted to Bollywood movie's and soap Operas,sue me😂😁

Just took a DNA test turns out I'm a 100% percent that bitch✨💁🏾‍♀️

👑Females should support and not Tear each other down👑

A freak for Aesthetics ✨✨
In the words of John Bender (Breakfast club)"Eat my Shorts"🙂🤗

Movie's from the 80's and 90's but i love Movie's in general❤️😎

Galileo Galileo Galileo figaroooooooooo-Faroq bulsara👑

🎶🎶QUEEN,Def Leppard, Nirvana,Iron maiden⚡,Sound Garden,Depech mode, Billie Eillish🕷️,Lana del Ray👑,Aurora🌈,Mel Marti♥️,SIA, Marina and the diamonds, Black Sabbath,Lizzo👸🏾,Tierra whack, Rico Nasty and Comethazine 😎

A's before Bae's PERIODT!💁🏾‍♀️🧚


I didn't ask for your opinion 🙄🙄🙄if you bother me i will remove my ZANPAKTOU and Unleash my BANKAI on you PERIODT!!🤗👑


I'm mentally dating so many Men:Henry Cavill, Tom hardy, Alexander ludwig,Aiden Turner,Kit Harrington, Jaoquin Phoenix, JefferyDeanMorgan,Jason Mamoa, Avan Jogia🤗🤗

👸🏾🇳🇬 Nigerian 🇳🇬👸🏾(Plateau state)

I love High Budgeted movie's and TV series i can't give specifics just ask me for my Taste in em💁🏾‍♀️

Twinnings Tea ☕☕and Nora Roberts, Stephen king,Eion colifer,C.S Lewis,Enid Bliton.....Yes please 🥂🥂🤗🤗


I hate Arachnids🕷️🦂and getting Bad grades🤮

I don't love Anime i am Anime😂😂😅

Aaaaaand that's the tea Sis💁🏾‍♀️☕ For anymore questions Ask
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Bethel_Nandap Bethel_Nandap Sep 28, 2020 02:53AM
Of Lay Lay Lay of Laycon!!! #Go Dora too I'm soooo stoked.... Pardon me。◕‿◕。only Naija peeps will get my excitement
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