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Unless i suddenly become an amazing writer I dont plan on writing my own stories. I probably haven't read half of the stories on my lists, and Im probably gonna forget to read alot of them.
I finally made lists (1/11/17)...oh gosh so many lists now
I am so fucking unorganized. Especially for a person with ocd...im a mess.

|| Pronouns: She/her ||

|| Sexuality: Bi bitch ||

|| Age: 19 ||

|| Obsessions: 5H(OT5), TØP, LM, Reading, Gaming(Twitch/Nopixel etc.), and pizza 🍕 ||

|| Favorite Ships: Camren, Clexa, Caminah, Jerrie, Laucy, Norminah, Hollstein, and kinda Faberry/Pezberry ||
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