Hello, and we're the Bad Touch Trio, made up of Spain, France, and Prussia. If you want, call us by our human names; Antonio, Francis, and Gilbert.
Gil wants us to start off with our laughs. Great ._.

Fososososo! My name is Spain, but my name is also Antonio or Ant. I could be called either way, I don't really mind. But I don't like the idea of being called a "pedo" for hanging around with Romano in his chibi form. I'm trying to be happy, what's wrong with that? Anyways, onto you, Francis~!

Honhonhon.. My name is France, but my name is also Francis or....Francey-Pants. I could be called either way, as Ant said. I don't really like the idea of being called a "rapist". I'm FLIRTY, I'm not like that. Please understand that! I also want people to be happy about themselves. You're beautiful/handsome no matter what! <3 Passing this to you, Gil!
~Francis <3

Kesesesese! My name is Prussia, but my name is also Gilbert, Gil, or The Awesome Prussia~! I can called be either way! I may be a bit annoying, but that's how I am, sadly. Please don't hate the Awesome Gilbird, too! No more Kentucky Fried Gilbirds, please. Thank you! Goodbye!
~The Awesome Gilbert.


Now that you know us, please feel free to talk to us about anything~! Bye!
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i made this account when i was 10 now im 17 and there are still people adding ask the btt to their readinf lists and i have to ask why
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