Welcome fam! So here's my description below: 
She/ her. 🇮🇳
Sucker for Maknae Jin 💜💜💜
- Jin is Bangtan's baby boy. Okay?
- Top/ Dom/ Alpha/ Seme! Jin ❎
- Older Jin ❎
- Bottom/ Sub/ Omega/ Uke! Jin ✅
- Younger/ Maknae Jin ✅
- Smol Jin 💜💜💜
- Namjin and Taekook are not allowed in my territory 🤬🤬🤬
As a die hard shipper of Jin X BTS , my stories feature Jin as the main character with any other BTS member/s opposite of Jin (mostly Taejin and Kookjin). So no BTS X girl groups/ readers/ OC requests shall be entertained. My stories might contain mpreg, so if you are uncomfortable with this genre, then this is the wrong place you visited. I'm not an expert in English so please forgive me for the grammatical/ spelling errors. Apart from Wattpad, I also have accounts in both AFF and AO3 (same username as Wattpad).
If anybody gets offended by my works, then I suggest you not to read my stories. Period.

My works? Check below 👇
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Stories by Baby Boy Jin
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