Hi, my american name is Christine.

I love reading. I mean almost everyday reading is what I do. I'm starting my own story for me. I didn't make the story for people to read, I made it for me as an hobby. I get all A's in school. I get pretty upset when I have a B+ or less. I'm in middle school(7th). I may be smart when it comes to academics, but when comes to sexual things, TV shows, movies, or music I am clueless. I've isolated myself from the world and technology at age 5. I'm just starting to open myself in the world. I started listening to music sometimes. I don't curse or swear. My goal in life is to get a education, travel and have adventures, then settle down at age 30. But right now I'm enjoying life as a kid. I never got into a fight. I rarely get mad. I'm tall for my age. I love pink. I am easily distracted. Also I am bad at remembering things.

My daily life during the weekdays is pretty boring. All I do is wake up at 4 or 5 for school, leave house at 6: 20, go to library for lunch and recess, pick little brother up after school, do all HW for the rest of the week, then read. It's similar to my weekend life. I just wake p whenever, read, eat, read, watch TV, read, sleep, repeat. Except Sundays I often go to church. I am a perfectionist. I also am a punctuation an spelling freak. Messy places and horrible spelling and punctuation are my pet peeves.

Well that's my boring life!

August 14, 2020 Edit.
Hello. I am back again. I moved to Upper Marlboro. If you are still reading this, then I'm surprised. I am in 9th grade, going to 10th. I pretty much the same as I was in 7th grade. Sleep, Eat, watch occasional TV, read, read and more read. I weigh between 125 lbs-120lbs. I'm 15 and pretty clueless about what I want to do in life. I would like to ravel alot when I grow. I have a average life. Big, two brothers, two parents, a best friend, and books. I like my life. My bff's name is Aniya Latrice Shirley Anne Cuthbert Victoria Smith Mills.
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