Everything has a beginning,
And that beginning always has an ending.
In the middle is the story,
And somewhere in that story is you.

You are lost from the moment you see the words.
How it amazes you,
And how it grasp you in.

For the moment you are lost,
You are in a different world,
A world that none are real,
Only you.

How wondrous it is to be somewhere else,
Somewhere you have never been before,
Somewhere you can never go to,
But here you are.

The thrills and suspense,
Compells you,
Not giving you up,
Not until you've had enough.

The time that passes by,
Seems shorter than a minute.
Taking deep breaths to remind you where you are,
Nothing feels real,
Nothing was real,
In that moment you know,
You are in another world.

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