We are continuously sprinting through the lines in different directions. Hungrily chasing what fuels our existence to be alive. We scramble for miles, set our life in tiresome routines, and suffer murderous relationships. We have gathered here to not just acknowledge our setbacks, our fallen days but to take note of reminders. To be calm in times of haywire and to take a pause when we are exhausted. Foremost, to be brave in our combats so we can live in merriment.   
          	Rising from Cinders: Misfit Guide to Reality is a collaboration of Cabin of Writers and Cabin of Artists and Editors. Showcasing poetry and artwork in one book!  
          	Would you love to join us unfold pages on how we made it this far?  This masterpiece is now available in Wattpad! Check out COAE and COW's league of words and colors that will take you to a journey of phases on how we fall, burn, and rise from the ashes to continue to live.
          	Read it here. https://www.wattpad.com/story/244166518-rising-from-cinders-misfit-guide-to-escape-reality


Hello Miss A, I'm sorry for plugging in your wall po without your permission.
          I would like to introduce my second story, with a genre of fantasy entitled "Chronicles of Fate: Her Reawakining". For those who want to read it, you can tap the link provided below.


Hello, I'm sorry for plugging.
          I just wanna share to you the story I've made titled 'Dandelions in the Wind' pls give it a try (੭•․• )੭⁾⁾
          -forbidden love
          -highschool romance 
          -first chapt may be boring but believe me if you keep reading it, it won't be boring.
          -hinding hindi ka magsisisi :))
          Pls do votes, thank you!


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          In the bustling city, 19-year-old Isabella Victoria Villahermosa, determined to support her struggling family and excel in her studies, takes up a job at the prestigious Hotel. Balancing work and school becomes a daily challenge for Isabella but her resilience shines through.
          Unbeknownst to Isabella, a wealthy and mysterious boy named Raiden Rylle Martinez frequents the hotel's upscale restaurant. Isabella got intrigued by his attractive appearance, and she observes him from a distance. Little does she know that the man she was staring at attends the same University as her.
          She's working to earn but what if she is not just earning money, but also earning the love of Raiden? Will she be able to earn the comfortability of Raiden's status?https://www.wattpad.com/story/361079360?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=DeuxEl


Hello everyone!! Sorry for the plug in!! But i just want to promote my first story here in Wattpad!! So i really hope you'll support it!! If your into Romance and Comedy, you might be interested in this story!! I will really appreciate if you guys read it!! Ty u all and have a nice day!!


Hey! I'm introducing my story here, if you're interested or looking for something interesting novel at this moment, and I hope you guys can support me and my journey through writing this novel of mine that I've planned months ago. Thank you.
          Synopsis of the story:
          The goals that I have built must not fall apart." Yona was living by those words.  Being an always competitive and ambitious person in everything, but it seems like it was not enough for her. She was expecting herself to be always on top of everything that pursue to her goal. Yona never feels the pressure from her parents but to herself to a same field upon winning and achieving.
          For her, the only thing that matters to her is winning, being on top. Nothing else matters to her. She never felt so bright like she was before, before her mind sets to her one and only goal plan.
          Her brother's best friend, Rhy in the basketball team, an epitome and a lowkey guy who's only matters to him is having fun, alcohol, flirting with other girls, but never leaves him for being such a happy-go-lucky guy. Never minding the loose because it is part of life. Unlike Yona, she had it all sort out to herself. He was not pressured at everything, he doesn't think that way like Yona.


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          Hi guys, Let's read together Luna and Eli's adventure finding who are the man of their dreams. Read 'The Dreamers: The First Dream' and learn how to strengthen your friendship and connection to people around you.


Good day ♡ I just want to promote my work here. If you're looking for a fresh story, a cold handsome man, and a giddy girl, then this is for you!!!! Ivana just met Jazziel but she knows there's a spark between them so she do her best to pursue the man who put her IN THE MAZE OF EMOTIONS