By the way I changed my icon of you guys care to see what I look like. The actual reveal of the author I guess haha


@AvannahSay You're so pretty


hi love<3 you might not still be here but what is the sequal to tattoos and dimples?


Check your private messages love ❤❤


Do you remember a book called Half A Heart? By I believe BRITT1D4LIFE? 


Can you do a larry version of 17 birthday 


Where can I find a shy prince and his slut because I can't find it


Tattoos and dimples is the first fan fiction I ever read, ever. 
          And it's my favorite still, to this day. 


I adore all of your writing's but I have to say I'm Sorry is killing me inside!!! I read one Larry fic before I go to bed and I chose this and now I'm rolling around in my bed screaming and asking why you're so evil. While I do enjoy it, I'm crazy now so thank you for that, and I hope you have a marvelous life ✌


Hello there just one of your massive fans. I love you and your writing. I have been reading baby blue and kinda just waiting for an update now. Please you are an amazing writer and you haven't updated for ages. So please do me and everyone a favor and update baby blue. It would mean the world if you wish it. Love you lots no pressure