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Okay. Hi. This is a normal hooman bean speaking here.
1. If you are expecting the person to update at least once a month you are mistaken; said person would probably just trash everything it writes and redo and then the cycle starts again.
2. If you think that there are going to be nice books you are mistaken. There will be cringe. Like real cringe. You will probably die of the amount of cringe in here.
3. The writer is an idiot who is Sagittarius. Ya know, the type who embarrasses themselves by doing the most stupid thing ever (no offence, other fellow Sagittarius) Yeah, that kind. Oh and did I mention that they are stupid? Like, stupid enough to not figure out what 7+4 is and gets twelve and also the author is also nearly thirteen. (I need milk, where's the milk..?)
4. The author has dug 9 holes already (aka 9 book ideas, intricately written so cringily that the author will never ever finish it or ever look at them ever again)
5. The person likes to contradict a lot.
6. Said person fails to remain in one tense and jumps from past to present perfect then to past progressive.
7. They fail to make the past and present perfect tense sound like actual words.
8. Writing expressions are something that really trouble the person and that leads to the stories to being weird nonsense.
9. The person has way to many ideas for one single chapter, and then mushes them all up into one big nonsense which cannot be interpreted by normal human beings.
10. You will not see any books because the person unpublished them (which means the above is all useless)

wHoOsH you reached the end. Congratulations on wasting your time.
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