An Honest Rundown only Wattpad gets to see:
Bi; Any pronouns;
Black excellence babyyyy;
Anxious Avoider;
Hella into anime
Love books that touch on race, cultures, intersectionalities, etc;
I need more friends and more hugs;
Wish I cried more often, I have an annoying ass taste in music and I secretly love it;
Used to dislike Miya Atsumu on first glance- took the time to read up on him and his portrayal: I am him bruh 🗿 Deadass made wayyy too much sense;
STEM can kiss my ass;
Things I refuse to admit I love:
Old people, hugs, casual touch, when people lay on me, soothing other people, bickering and getting shutdown real quick (I pick fights to lose them tbh, like riling people up), feeling but not vocalizing superiority when I know I'm good at shit, baaaaaaaad music, childhood friends to enemies to lovers (that's embarrassing afffff)
Things I don't like/ irrationally make me very angry:
Also old people, things getting stuck in backpack zippers, mountains in Minecraft (uncalled for but I will destroy it if it's near my house), bruhhh when people want to work with me on an online game 😭, people who sleep with one pillow, 95% of the things I do?
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