Welcome to my account! My name is Mooni!

I really enjoy writing (specifically romance)

Before I made this account I use to write (DONT LAUGH😭 ) fan fictions.

I know....it's weird.

My old account was Mr_CookiesAndMilk.

I switched into this account mainly because I don't want to have my fan fictions with my romance books...

It feels a bit embarrassing to be honest. 😂

I hope you enjoy all the books I have to offer! Thank you!


-I say Katnip at the end of all stories as a way of saying "The chapter ended!"

-There will always be a date of when the chapter was published

-I will always write the estimated update

-if I don't update for 2 weeks and I don't give any explanation I probably drowned in homework or some internet issue

-Please don't be rude! You will be muted

-Comments will have a max of 50 replies before I delete them (no spam please)

Thank you for taking the time to read this and my books!

Love you!

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